Tracking users The Right Way

September 22, 2016


It doesn’t matter where you are in your digital journey, it is always important to know who is visiting your site, what pages are they staying on, for how long they are hanging out in there and how many of them are unique in order to ensure website enhancement and conversion of visitors into leads, sales and reiterate visitors.


We understand that tracking your audience can be overwhelming and confusing, but there are literally hundreds of numbers, information and analytical combinations that can give you better approaches into your marketing efforts and customer behaviors.


Here are 6 important facts that you should be watching on daily basis.


1. Heat Maps

Heat Maps shows you exactly where people are (or not) clicking on your site. With this information, you can move your call-to-actions to make them more visible, see what your visitors want more of, and much more.


2. Content Analysis

With Content Analysis, you can see how far people read on every single one of your blog posts or pages. Using it, you can move your calls to action to the right places, adjust your copy so people consume all of it, or cut sections which may be unnecessary.


3. Traffic Metrics

Having a website or a blog page means that you want people to see it, and there is nothing more important that knowing the size of the audience that your website is reaching out, I mean, you would like to see the number of people that visit your site during an specific timeframe and how many of them are unique visitors and how many of them are coming to the website for the first time.


Let me explain you, unique visitors correspond to the count of individual people that stopover your site despite of the number of times they visited your site. We know that as you spend more time and efforts in your marketing strategy, you will like to see more effectiveness, so this is the reason why you should keep a close track to this metrics.


4. Referral Metric

This is a tool that helps owners of websites and blog pages to understand “Where do the people come from”. Referrals track the users as soon as they click on links in search engines, blogs or websites that contains your link, as well as social sites.


It is important to understand where the traffic is coming from in order to know where to promote your business and with whom to make deals.


5. Bounce Rate

As we know, the bounce rate is the percentage of public that lands at a page on your site and go away from that same without interacting. Having a high bounce rate is not a good thing and it makes us think why are visitors not interacting in the site? This is information that helps us find the reason why the engagement is low, it could be because of site design or incorrect set up of analytic’s tools.


6. Conversion Metrics

Measuring how many visitor turns out to be new leads or phone calls is a fundamental fact that everybody should be checking on, because in case of getting a lot of visits but not getting anything in return, it is pretty obvious that something is going wrong. This is an alert to make changes that create more engagement and encourage visitors to provide information or generate contacts.


Of course, these are just few of the metrics that you should be tracking every day, but those 6 will cover the majority of the information you need to explore in order to know who is using your website, and which group of users tent to perform certain actions. Measuring the right metrics, website owners will be able to start generating useful KPIs and making their digital path more profitable.

Anna heads up team marketing, getting through her days at The Web Chef by talking (a lot) about all things digital. From client relations and campaign strategies to leading our expert team of marketers, she’s the one making sure everything stays in order.

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