You will be banned from Google Search Results if you try to do these sins

October 18, 2016


Social media interactions are not easy; they keep changing day by day, minute by minute and required a lot of effort. So, it is extremely important to handle all the strategies and use the tool in a right way in order to avoid getting punished by Google, because if you violate a rule, Google can make you and your digital image disappear from its search results.

Let’s check what can happen.

One day, after so much effort and strategies, you are finally getting a pleasant little traffic to your website or few of your posts. Nothing big! You are happy and your success grows with every new post you publish online and you and Google are becoming better friends as soon as you see that Google can be a major source of traffic in future.

But then something happens, your growth stops and all of a sudden you cannot find yourself anywhere. No warnings, no alarms, nothing. You just disappear, like you have never existed. You know what is the worst part of all of this? You are just sitting there in front of your computer trying to understand how and what happen and you don’t get an answer.

This is a common situation in today’s digital world; it can happen to anybody at any point of their digital journey. You can get penalized for some wrong tactic you used online consciously or unconsciously. Reason why you should keep yourself inform about it. A Google penalty can damage your business so bad that it can even take you to bankruptcy because if you are not getting traffic, all the money that you are investing in employees, electricity, promotion and advertising is going directly to the trash bin.

So, here are some sins that you should avoid in order to accomplish Google’s mission of providing accurate and unique information to all internet users:

  • Sin 1: Buying links: Getting links from SEO firms that promised millions of links in order to help you rank your website is not a good idea. They cause spammy links that can hurt you and in the future make Google really angry and close your site.
  • Sin 2: Article marketing: It is a type of advertising in which business write short articles about themselves. People commonly used to promote themselves through articles with small variations. They can cause suspicious feelings in Google’s algorithm and it can be penalized.
  • Sin 3: Keyword Stuffing: Thinking that putting dozens of times the same word is going to create a good impact is the most hurtful thing that you can do to your website. Google works with keywords not with dumb strategies.
  • Sin 4: Broken links: It is important to check and correct HTML errors, Google doesn’t like factors that can affect in a negative way visitors experience.

As we mention before, appearing significant to the search engines is the key to getting exposed and talking the language of your target audience helps them connect with you and your product or service. In few words, SEO success is about providing relevant content to your audience. So, center on user target, and use keywords not for manipulation, avoid silly mistakes because it can make you lose tons of money and time, better play the wining card and work in positioning your brand.

Raman loves all things digital, spending his professional time on search and analytics. With experience tailoring campaigns for some of the biggest brands, he loves taking on new challenges in the ever changing world of SEO.

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