Email Marketing

Email Marketing is perceived to be one of the most underrated marketing channels, but we believe it’s a powerful tool which allows you to speak instantly and directly to your target audience in the least intrusive way. Here at The Web Chef, we treat this channel of marketing with the same attention and care as any website we build.

Idea generation & strategy

We create measurable email marketing campaigns that keep your statistics simple. We work side by side with you to ensure that the correct message is produced and help you adapt that message to your audience, in order to achieve specific goals, increase website traffic, convert visitors or encourage them to happily handover their contact information or build long- lasting relationships.

Creative design & copywriting

Design and Content are intelligence made visible. Unique and professional design will help you stand out above your competitor. We will help you tell your story by crafting the correct message and design, distributing it on your website and keeping brand consistency with custom designs and eye catching contents.

Responsive HTML build & testing

A powerful email optimization can be the best marketing tool for your business. A successful strategy to reach out to your customer in a broad range and get a better engagement is: to make sure that your email looks good and it is easy to read, regardless of the device that your customer have. We help you out by designing responsive HTML emails so none of your customers bounces off back.

Execution & send

The secret of getting ahead, it is getting started. We think and analyze every step that is required to build successful email campaigns, starting with the list of customers that are receiving the email(data segmentation), building the content and designing an engaging and tailored message(targeted message) that drive results. We can help with data migration as well as email automation and A/B testing.

Reporting & analysis

No more inconsistent results, improve your performance with our reports. Measuring email campaigns success involves a much deeper understanding of statistics. So, let us help you with it! We create a process, we analyzed the data, we make changes and we improve.

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Website Design & Development

Creating functional and beautiful websites which everyone will love to browse.

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Paid & Biddable Media

Well planned and strategic paid campaigns to create awareness and grow your revenue.

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Exciting email marketing which your customers will love to see in their inboxes.

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Social Media & Community Management

Social representation of your brand to drive engagement and brand awareness.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Holistic SEO with an aim of increasing organic traffic, visibility and most importantly revenue.

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